Operation Wagner

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Author: Manuela Hoelterhoff
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by scholia   2017-08-19
> This is an excellent story

Agreed: I highly recommend it.

> there's usually one glaringly obvious mistake in nearly every single article

An actual mistake or a typographical error? It compares very favorably to the error rate in Donald Trump tweets!

> they never seem to issue corrections,

The Guardian is famous for publishing a "Corrections & Clarifications" column [1], and collected clarifications have even been published in book form [2].

However, typographical errors are rarely included, though they do get corrected on the website.

> so screenshotting is pointless

Yes, screen-shotting is pointless. However, you can email the quoted line(s) and a link to the Guardian global readers' editor at guardian.readers@theguardian.com

Hope that helps!

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