Functional Reactive Programming

Category: Computer Science
Author: Anthony Jones
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by anonymous   2019-01-13

You are talking about the UI. It is stateful in its essence. You cannot and must not work with it without states. There is only one correct way: to divide the code without states from the code with states.

The best concept for that is the FRP - Functional reactive programming. It separates functional parts and immutable boxes with mutable stateful content and connects them by events.

Be careful, many so-named reactive programming technologies on the net are not such really and only declare being reactive. For example, java RX is absolute invalid and lacks two very important features. (hiding listeners and simultaneousity support)

There is a very good book on the subject. It can be found on the net in some actions, too. The authors give opensource base library and swift FRP support library that could be used as a pattern for creation of your own FRP classes for your need.