Techniques in Home Winemaking: The Comprehensive Guide to Making Château-Style Wines

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Author: Daniel Pambianchi
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by EngineeredMadness   2019-07-21

Technical Reference:

Modern guide to available chemistry and additives:

As for sequence/guides. It's been on my to-do list to write an article for my club, but I haven't had the time to distill about two years worth of reading.

Just about everything Scott labs has is available through MoreWine at a not-1000 gallon size.

Edit: and the final thing to make this kinda hard, is that there's no good recipe software out there for wines. Mostly that wines have multiple stages stepped out in time, e.g. add this when hit checkpoint y, adapt to Z if Q is present. I document these kinda things in a notebook, but part of the design is choosing the additives, yeast and process steps to follow.

by EngineeredMadness   2019-07-21

If you are looking for trusted sources you want This book. This is an uber condensed version from Scott Laboratories which likely makes whatever yeast you are using. In re mead methods, you're going to want to google TONSA (a staggered nutrient regimen).


If a recipe calls for raisins, adds enzymes and tannins at the same time, and doesn't use a staggered nutrient schedule, it is out of date (among other telltale signs).

This kinda stems from the fact that there were only 2-3 seminal homebrew wine texts on the topic and they all copied from the same basic source. And then everybody copied them. Whereas homebrew has gone through a practical renaissance in the last two decades in terms of process and method documentation.