The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child (Sears Parenting Library)

Category: Children's Health
Author: Robert W. Sears
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by electriclove   2018-08-08
Reading books to understand the diseases, vaccine compositions, vaccine effectiveness, and risks is an excellent way to become more informed.

Keeping people ignorant and forcing them via government regulation is a very scary path to go down IMO.

by electriclove   2018-08-07
Discussion/debate on these topics should be encouraged, not silenced. Disagreeing with the CDC schedule shouldn't paint one as a crazy anti-vaxxer yet that is the case more often than not.

These vaccines are not 100% safe nor 100% effective. The guidelines to vaccinate are designed for the well being of society, not one's child. Some parents will care about their child more than society overall or edge cases from people they do not know. Vaccine side effects are not recorded as often as they should be.

And yes, my children are fully vaccinated (CA requires them to be to attend school). We were able to do that (mostly) our way.

I found the following book incredibly helpful though you may feel like a pariah for reading it: