CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Official Cert Guide Library

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Author: Wendell Odom
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by Vontopovyo   2019-11-17

Absolutely. I did have a leg up in that sales really helped me to hone my social/communication skills, so I was confident once I got an interview somewhere.

But start building a home lab, tinkering, and learning now - There might be a better resource, but this is how I passed my first exam.

Initiative seems to be well regarded in this field.

I got this job, which is WAY more than I was led to believe was possible for essentially a first time IT job, with the most basic Cisco cert. I worked with a few recruiting agencies and found a good fit, then they helped me get this interview. Offered the job the next day. Which is to say it's more than doable, and honestly, avoid helpdesk if you can, especially if you're looking at networking. Look for NOC analyst or tech. Hope this helps at all. Good luck, and if you have questions down the road, feel free to ask and hopefully I can answer them!

by digitalplanet_   2019-11-17

I'm also studying for the ICND1... Some may suggest this or this . Some may suggest this .. Download Cisco Packettracer and GNS3. If you have the cash, there is CBTNuggets and Boson.. Also look into Neil Anderson's ICND1 Bootcamp on Udemy, or Bombal's Packet Tracer prep lab. .. I started Neil's bootcamp yesterday and I love it... But hey I'm a noob, others may have better suggestions, but that's what I'm doing to prepare for it

by UnathleticCowboy   2019-07-21

For note, OCG = Official Certification Guide from Cisco. (Links below are just Amazon links, no affiliate or whatever)

The Odom and Lammle books are the best

Wendell Odom - Cisco CCENT/CCNA Official Cert Guide

Tod Lammle - ICND1/ICND2/CCNA Study Guides (Lighthouse on the cover)

Can;t go wrong with those. Also, Udemy routinely has some solid CCENT/CCNA courses on sale for $11 or so, plus plenty of free and youtube info, not to mention Cisco provided free info from their NetAcad and other Cisco learning services.

by Nextmick   2019-07-21

>Prep was tedious. Below is a reply I gave someone else that asked about prep.
>I used lots of different sources. Below are what seemed to help me the most.
>Kevin Wallace's Videos give the best explanations:
>Laz Diaz's Udemy Course gives great packet tracer labs: (DO NOT pay full price for this course. There are discounts ALL THE TIME that are 90% or more off. I paid $10)
>The best subnetting video available in my opinion:
>Practice subnetting on Using Laz's chart method above I was able to do most of the questions here in under 30 seconds with practice. Helped a ton.
>The Official Cisco Press CCENT book by Odem:\_1\_3?keywords=ccna+book&qid=1554763617&s=gateway&sr=8-3

by L34ndrix   2019-07-21

Si, ci sono i libri e molto altro materiale da poter integrare:

Libri ufficiali: Link Amazon Guida Ufficiale a prima vista possono sembrare enormi (e lo sono, quasi 2000 pagine se non erro), ma imparando ad usarli sono la miglior fonte di studio possibile per prepararsi, dividendo l'esame in due (come i libri appunto).

Guida per i comandi: Link Amazon Comandi è appunto una lista di tutti i comandi per iOS (il sistema operativo di cisco) con una breve spiegazione per ognuno.

Ripasso finale: 31 Days before your exam libro ufficiale per il ripasso partendo 31 giorni prima dell'esame.

Molto utile per ricontrollare tutti gli argomenti.

Per fare esercitazioni e lab scaricati Packet Tracer dal sito di Cisco, in rete o su udemy troverai vari esercizi da poterci simulare.

Ti consiglio inoltre questo video corso su udemy, ti fornisce anche molto materiale di test (domande, fac-simili, esercizi) per soli 10€ Corso udemy prima parte


Per quanto riguarda l'esame, è un mondo a se rispetto a tutti gli altri esami che probabilmente avrai già fatto: gli esami Cisco pretendono un punteggio molto alto per passare (generalmente sopra l'80/85%) e spesso le risposte non sono quelle più giuste ma quelle che Cisco ritiene che lo siano. Ti consiglio di prendere un simulatore di esame, ad esempio il Boson, e fare esercizi con quello...

Per il resto, in bocca al lupo! Spero di non averti messo ansia ma è un esame "particolare" :)