Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer

Category: Music
Author: George Lawrence Stone
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by IBitePrettyHard   2019-07-21

by Beefsurgeon   2019-07-21

$10.79 @ Amazon. You can probably get it for $6-7 from random book resellers on Google. If you approach this book with discipline, the return for your $ will be immense.

by FredFuzzypants   2019-07-21

If you don't have a copy yet, pick up Stick Control. It will keep you busy for quite a while.

by ItsPronouncedMo-BEEL   2019-07-21

They mean this.

by FredFuzzypants   2019-07-21

I recommend delaying your purchase for enough time to get a Roland TD-17KV (they are $1,200 on Sweetwater). In the mean time, stop by a local music shop (or hit Amazon) and get some sticks, a practice pad, and a copy of Stick Control. She can work on her rudiments and start playing along with you. Once you can afford the kit, she'll be further along and can start incorporating toms, cymbals, and her feet.

by dizzyfingers   2018-11-10
I see a lot of discussion here regarding the influence of listening to music but I am also curious about the influence of rhythmic training. This year I added rhythmic training as a warm up to all of my piano students lessons. I've been using an old staple 'Stick Control' (link below) to train the most basic LH/RH coordination and beat perception and have been amazed at the improvement across the board including myself since I work on this with them. I would compare the improved LH/RH coordination with improved conceptualization of a beat to a rising tide that lifts the ships of the beginner, the prodigy, the professional and the senior citizen student.