An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning: Numbers, Sets and Functions

Category: Mathematics
Author: Peter J. Eccles


by bradlys   2021-11-28

I’d highly recommend this book. It’s what I had for my intro to proofs class in college and it was the best book I found for understanding. I found many other books on this topic to be kinda garbage but this one was amazing.

by nickpsecurity   2018-03-14
The last time people asked, I collected the responses so I could do the same thing as you. Note that I'm wanting to learn it in a way where I can do proofs. So, I have general-purpose books and stuff for that. I just ordered the three books I've seen pop up the most. Although 2 are in the mail, Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Stewart just got here yesterday. It had an awesome opening that made me wish the math I was taught in school was done like this back when I went. Makes newer stuff make a lot more sense, too. I included a link to Dover that has a Google Preview button on it where you can read full, first chapter for free to see if it's what you like. Other two are more about exploring and proving things which may or may not interest you. I added them in case anyone is reading your question to learn that stuff.

Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Stewart

Dover Version with Google Preview Button

How to Prove It by Velleman