Scalable Internet Architectures

Author: Theo Schlossnagle
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Scalable Internet Architectures


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by jqp   2017-08-19
John Allspaw's books are great. I'd recommend these also:

The Art of Scalability

Scalable Internet Architectures

Enterprise Cloud Computing

by pistoriusp   2017-08-19
Scalable Internet Architectures by Theo Schlossnagle was a good introduction for me.

by rosariom   2017-08-19

I think this is a hard one without working on a big project with senior people. I struggled with this for years and still do but have gotten a little better thanks to senior developers guiding me. I think besides reading books and attending lectures or listening in on talks online, I think you need to find a problem sizable enough and build it from scratch. My work with senior guys has shown me that designing on paper and the white board is essential to tackling the problem for understanding and eventually building it. The patterns will reveal themselves as you go through this exercise if any patterns are needed at all, and I think this is something you definitely will not learn overnight but overtime by getting your hands dirty. If you have not visited this site, please do so. It has tons of experts speaking on it. I have been able to incorporate some of what I have learned from here to the job. A quick link to how YouTube was built:

Really good talk with lots of jewels. Another good book for you:

Hope this helps.