The Practice of System and Network Administration: Volume 1: DevOps and other Best Practices for Enterprise IT (3rd Edition)

Author: Thomas A. Limoncelli, Christina J. Hogan, Strata R. Chalup
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by fauria   2020-05-22
I haven't read it, but also heard good things about "The Practice of System and Network Administration", by the same author:
by TSimmonsHJ   2018-11-10


by unix_heretic   2018-11-10

Ah, the joys of knowing enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be practical. OP, you're approaching system administration from the perspective of development. Developers focus on looking for the latest version of a framework (new features!) Developers focus on being able to throw apps/languages into a box as they need to, without considering the integration work involved (thus why containers are so loved). All of these mindsets are antithetical to being a system admin. In the short term, think about how you can isolate those applications for the following considerations:

  • Security. If one of these apps gets hacked, how will it affect the rest of the system?

  • Supportability. If someone else had to log into your box to figure out an issue with an app, how much of a pain in the ass would it be to do so?

  • Reproducibility. Pretend for a moment that this app is something that can make money, but the VPS it's on is dead, and your backups don't work. How can you spin up the app on another box? What other considerations will you have to account for?

If you're serious about learning more of system administration, I strongly recommend that you pick up this book . Take to heart the lessons contained in it - even if you don't end up being an admin, the mentality contained therein will be valuable to you as a developer.

by TSimmonsHJ   2018-11-10


by Byzii   2018-03-19

Even earlier versions would be a very good read despite the DevOps hype, but the 3rd (new) version includes best DevOps practices even without having any devs.

by sobrique   2018-03-19

A copy of the practice of system and network administration

And copy for your sysadmins.

by J_de_Silentio   2017-08-19

The 3rd edition is out now:

by dundir   2017-08-19

If you haven't looked through the book, "The Practice of System Administration" you should at least give it a once over.


by Artoriassss   2017-08-19

> As for a Sysadmin Bible, i would recommend the book: The Practice of System and Network Administration: Devops and Other Best Practices for Enterprise it.

This is going to sound dumb, but I don't want to spend $50 for the same book. I have "The Practice of System and Network Administration: 2nd Edition", already:

The DevOps one (3rd edition) is an entirely different book, right? Or is it just the 2nd edition with some DevOps stuff added to the end? Hard to tell when taking the Amazon page at face value.

by unix_heretic   2017-08-19

The Practice of System and Network Administration.

Deep-diving a specific OS is fine if you want to become an expert in that OS. If you want to develop your career, consider looking broader rather than going in depth.