Sleep Over: An Oral History of the Apocalypse

Category: Genre Fiction
Author: H. G. Bells
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by H_G_Bells   2018-11-10

Well I'm waiting to hear back about how my book is doing (in print YAY, and on audible!) because it has to be out for 6 months before I know numbers. So there's that. Then there's me having to get 2 new projects into my agent.

But that's not $- the job I got laid off from was cooking and baking in an awesome kitchen. But the slow season just started (I'm in New Zealand and the winter is starting) and they had to let me go. I had an interview scheduled today in a gastropub but they cancelled on me a half hour before because their cat died :/ But they did invite me to get back to them with another time I could come in, so there's that!

Something will come up. It's just stressful.

Gosh I hope my book does well so I can actually do what I've been training to do my whole life, and be an Author with a Capitol A. ^_^

by H_G_Bells   2018-11-10

There's a 'look inside' option so you can read a bit to see if you're interested. It's definitely not for everyone: the subject matter is pretty dark and intense, but also the format is non standard. People that liked World War Z love it, but if you are not a fan of that kind of format then you won't like Sleep Over . Cheers!