Practical Django Projects (Expert's Voice in Web Development)

Category: Programming
Author: James Bennett
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by anonymous   2017-08-20

The Django site provides a tutorial on how to build a poll, which can be easily modified to build a blog. James Bennett's book, Practical Django Projects, also explains in significant detail how to build a blog/cms.

by anonymous   2017-08-20

As for books:

  • There's the free Django Book
  • I really like Practical Django Projects
  • Amazon has a couple more. Generally, if it's written or edited by one of the Django core devs, it should be worth the money. But pay attention that you don't buy an edition for an obsolete Django version (e.g. 0.96)
  • Like others said, the official documentation is top notch, and #django on freenode and the mailing list can help with specific problems

And the second question:

  • before developing an app yourself, look if there isn't already something similar on Google Code, GitHub or Bitbucket. There's an incredible number of useful django apps around
  • learn to love generic views