The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market

Category: Marketing & Sales
Author: Michael Treacy, Fred Wiersema
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by mindcrime   2020-02-09
This starts as a pet project which was an excuse to keep in touch, experiment with new technologies and most importantly have fun.

Given that, it sounds like you've already won, no matter what happens next.

As far as advice goes, I'll just leave a couple of book recommendations.

by mindcrime   2019-05-02
Probably not, unless you have some real "secret sauce" that lets you operate at greatly lower cost than the original. Otherwise you just create a "race to the bottom" scenario where, at best, you (and your competitor) will wind up with a profit margin of like 0.000001% or something. Why bother?

If you're going to clone something and engage the "fast follower strategy"[1], I'd still try to choose some other dimension to compete on. See The Discipline of Market Leaders[2] for more.