Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza

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Author: Ken Forkish
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by octoman115   2021-12-10

> flour, water, salt, yeast

If anybody is interested in trying to make their own

by Lucretian   2021-12-10

bread flavor is mostly a function of time and temperature, at least for yeasted breads. as yeasts ferment in dough and consume sugars, they produce a variety of flavor compounds.

this is a good book if you want to explore the topic.

edit: here is an infographic from a yeast manufacturer. note "fermentation" has the strongest effect on flavor.

by breakfastIVdinner   2021-12-10

Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

by pwlim   2019-11-17

Not OP, but bread in general with a Dutch oven is super easy. All you need is time (8-18 hour to proof) and 4 ingredients—water, salt, yeast and flour. This is my go to easy no knead dutch oven bread recipe. Note, it is not sourdough. I’ve found that water temp at 113.5F seems to work the best and I substitute APF for bread flour at a 1:1 ratio.

You can then get fancy with a proofing bowl like OP used to get the geocentric circles and also start playing around with different starters/flours. You can use whole wheat flour in the above recipe but remember you can’t substitute whole wheat flour 1:1, the max you can do is 50% whole wheat flour so use 1.5 cups whole wheat flour and 1.5 cups APF/bread flour and increase the water to 1 3/4 cups of water. Check your local grocery store, they may have sourdough starters you can buy.

Experiment and have fun with it. I make bread probably 3-4 times per month. The hardest part is just planning out the time to proof the dough. If you really get into it, you’ll probably like this book Flour Water Salt Yeast.

by crmcalli   2019-11-17

FWSYis on sale on Amazon still, I just bought the Kindle version for $4 yesterday.

by mantasm_lt   2019-11-17

Vakar baigiau Mąstymas, greitas ir lėtas. Labai rekomenduoju kam įdomu kokiu būdų veikia mūsų pačių mąstymas.

Sekanti eilėje Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza

by Cyt6000   2019-07-21

Highly recommend the book Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish. It's my favorite and I've gotten a ton of compliments on the breads :)

by DaveyGee16   2019-07-21

It looks awesome, not sure why you say it needs work. It looks like the cover of Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt.

by mitallust   2019-07-21

Amazon is probably the cheapest option for all the equipment you need.

Here's a bunch of equipment you'll want to grab:

Winco Winware Stainless Steel Dough Scraper with Wood Handle https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0017HUR9E/

10" Round Banneton Brotform https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01MQA0BMT/

Mercer Culinary Offset Serated Bread Knife https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01F35UGWS

Flour Water Salt Yeast: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/160774273X

You'll also want to grab a clear round plastic storage container for your starter. Amazon doesn't have any good deals on them but it seems like Walmart/Home Depot/Gourmet Warehouse may have some. FWSY has a recommendation on a size, can't remember off the top of my head.

Once Flourist opens up it'll be the place to grab your flour from.

by tomyownrhythm   2019-07-21

Flour Water Salt Yeast. I just received my copy this afternoon!

by thewishfulwelshwoman   2019-07-21

If you have done any lurking on Breadit, you'll notice that the community is a big fan of Flour Water Salt Yeast (FWSY), and the Kindle edition is only 2.99. He does a great job explaining the keeping and care of sourdough starter, as well as different flour combinations that make for a tasty starter. It's also nice because he gives examples of how to play with recipes and starter to really make it your own, as well as explaining (with pictures) about folding, and mixing.

His book is also great because it gives you some a variety of recipes that include all sorts of fermentation, so you can practice with something that is a little easier and work your way up to a full sourdough style bread. I'm also pretty new to sourdough bread and it's been a very helpful piece of literature as I've been experimenting with my bakes.

by hankskunt42_   2019-07-21

FWSE. Worth every penny.

by Cyt6000   2019-01-13

The book FWSY and /r/breadit might help!

by Cyt6000   2019-01-13

I use King Arthur flour and it's about $3. I make 4 loaves of bread from FWSY per bag of flour. Salt, yeast, and water prices are almost negligible.

by FromGoth2Boss   2019-01-13

Hi! I also recently started baking as a new hobby. I’m very much still a novice and still find it quite intimidating, but I’ve found quite a few decent vids and books that have helped me to get started...

Bake with Jack - really excellent channel filled with 4 min videos talking about terminology, equipment and technique:


Richard Bertinet’s Waitrose video. A bit basic but I find Bertinet’s mannerisms inspiring and the instructions are very useful. Different kneading technique too:


BBC Good Food basic bread recipe. There is probably a better basic recipe, such as the King Arthur one, but this is the first one I used. I halved the salt on this and it’s given me really nice bread every time:


Brilliant Bread by James Morton. Only just digging into this book but it really is great. Lots of recipes and kneading advice etc. I’d recommend it to anyone:


Flour Water Salt Yeast. I’ve not really delved into this much yet as I’m still getting used to the basics, but everyone on here seems to love it and it seems very well written (note:you’ll need a Dutch oven for this):


If you’re going no-knead/Dutch oven, I’d say it’s worth giving this a watch too, but I’d check the comments as well as a lot of people seem to be tweaking the recipe. A seemingly infamous video/recipe from NY Times:


Dough by Richard Bertinet. Another ace book filled with simple easy to follow recipes. Also comes with a short DVD, although I don’t know what’s on it as I’m yet to watch:


River Cottage basic white bread. Not the best instructions but I still found it a useful watch when very first starting out:


Not sure if these are 100% the best places to start but they’ve definitely helped me. I tend to google pretty much everything, which will lead you to a lot of useful sites too.

I hope these help, even if only a little. Im sure others will make some good suggestions here.

Happy baking!

by jengaworld   2018-11-10

Nice loaf! People are also often referencing the Ken Forkish book called “Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast.” ����

by magergirl   2018-11-10

Flour Water Salt Yeast

by beigesmoothie   2018-11-10

/u/buddyguything knows what’s up. My starter did this once and I started a new one simultaneously with only dark rye flour. I slowly blended the two together when the rye starter was about 7 days old because I didn’t want to loose that unique tang my original girl had. It worked far better than I had hoped and she bounced back like crazy. I now use a 50/50 mix of dark rye and unbleached white flour (just for taste preference) with dechlorinated water to feed my girl. I like the flavour the dark rye gives the loaves and because of its lower gluten content I find it’s much easier to mix up. Check out The Perfect Loaf if you don’t have it already. Combining the methods those two bakers use has really upped my starter and sourdough game. Let us know how it worked out!

by awinder   2018-08-01
this is fantastic, thank you for the great writing & information! I was curious, is there a reason you go for KA over caputo? I migrated from KA -> Caputo after getting into the recipes from https://www.amazon.com/Flour-Water-Salt-Yeast-Fundamentals/d..., I perceived a positive difference, but it was anything but a blind experiment :D.