Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West

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Author: Blaine Harden
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by kor8434   2019-08-24

I am a grandkid of a woman that fled the Communist Party in North after the State police tortured her father and wrecked her family because her father could read and speak Japanese, post occupation. I don’t care if you hold socialist or whatever ideals and philosophy you deem suitable for your life. It’s your human right to believe in something regardless of what people say. But please don’t spread something that is so irrevocably untrue or at best controversial as a fact. My grandmother still has nightmares about the horror she saw when she was 12.

About the concentration camps, reportedly there are about 12 known concentration camps spread throughout the northern part of North Korea. Of course, NK government denies any of this, but there are countless anecdotal accounts of such camps from North Korean refugees and a few years back, we had the first NK refugee who was imprisoned in one of those camps. Later he went on to publish the book titled Camp 14 in English. I recommend you give it a read.

Those camps, according to him, are used as a way to maintain what is already failing regime. Their occupants range from political dissenters to families left behind defectors who successfully made the escape. Their size has been reported to have exceeded that of concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

*the book is titled Escape from Camp 14

by horsenbuggy   2019-08-24

Look, I totally believe that "people are people" and for the most part the regular folks living under any society are going to be good people. (Possible exception for places like North Korean gulags where they're not treated like humans and so don't grow up understanding basic principles like kindness and compassion - they can't really be faulted for that, though.) I believe that there are people trying to do their best and corrupt individuals in ALL types of gov'ts (some being more ripe for fraud and deception than others).

So when this conversation of "this clean up could only happen in the Soviet Union" began I was like "pssht! there are people everywhere who would sacrifice themselves for the good of their neighbors and the rest of the world." But as the sheer volume of people involved in this clean up effort is revealed - over 600,000 liquidators and over 3,000 on the Маша rooftop alone...I start to question if that could have happened in a Westernized country. I think there's too much "individuality" in America, too much focus on "my rights" for people to blindly follow instructions like this. And they certainly wouldn't have done so without absolute guarantees of wages and future medical care.

And I don't know which one is "right" or "better."

by sho666   2019-08-24

> But to address your point you make on Immigration tariffs, what's wrong with making people pay to immigrate?

what if it were a bunch of whahabist Saudi's? they have the money..... to buy citizenship... whats wrong with rich whahabists (the extreme version of Islam ISIS Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia ascribe to) and no religious safeguards? this is a self answering question

>Why should someone be able to come from a different country, to this country and instantly get access to all the social services and security nets that this country offers it's citizens, when they haven't paid a red cent into the system?

read this book if you can, i highly recommend it, or this one, or this one, or this one , or this one.... etc

see above, also because if they are are unable to pay, and they are fleeing say, our bombs? or warfare aided by us? or our lovely Wahhabi Saudi allies or economic hardship caused by capitalist greed... the list goes on, but we have no problem causing that as a nation, the time for this line of dialogue was back before we went to war for 17 years as Americas loyal lapdogs, over a lie of WMD's that little johnny KNEW was a lie (or was too much of a weak person to demand the truth about) after spending BILLIONS at war, crying poor mouth when it comes time to fix what we did, just doesn't sit right, why is nobody ever asking "how are we going to pay for XYZ" when it comes to buying obsolete hand me down jets, defective jets or retrofitting nuclear subs to diesel? or drones (which there is a good case to be made, actually causes more terrorism than conventional planes) to the tune of BILLIONS AND BILLIONS

>If the profession they work in, is not in an 'in demand' area, then while we have thousands of unemployed Australians, why should we be taking these people in? Further disadvantaging the native Australians.

>This idea has been championed by Nobel Prize laureate Professor Gary Becker, who argues that a tariff is always preferable to a quota approach on efficiency grounds as it applies price theory rather than bureaucratic procedures.

>native Australians.

drone king Obama also won a peace prize, after he droned his own citizens (albeit terrorists) depriving them of their constitutional rights, lets not put too much weight into a peace prize, after all of you know who DR nobel was......there was an invention of his.....

>None of that seems bad.

on the face of it no no it doesn't, the saying "don't judge a book by its cover" comes to mind

>The Liberal Democrats are, however, opposed to those who seek to impose their religious views on the entire population

so as a religious view, one couldn't say stop gay marriage on a national level, and that i agree with, but one certainly could do a chick fill-a