Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK

Category: Programming
Author: David Mark, Jeff LaMarche, Jack Nutting
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by anonymous   2019-07-21

This is another great book for beginners: It's really up to date; it came out today.

About the app idea, you have a couple options: create something totally new, reinvent something (like Angry Birds), or to create an app that is so good it beats everything in it's class. I haven't released an app (yet), but the last one is definitely the hardest. I would try with the 2nd one because it is really hard to think of something that hasn't been done before.

Other than that, I can't help you with the app idea. :(

by anonymous   2019-07-21

This is a pretty great book for iphone developments: It uses xcode3 rather than xcode4 but its basically the same thing.

For objective-c projects in xcode you might as well be inheriting from Foundation or NSObject. Everything for mac or cocoa touch inherits from NSObject at some point.

Lastly I as well would choose to use xcode for anything objective-c. But another great IDE for many other languages would TextWrangler.

by anonymous   2019-07-21

Beginning iPhone 4 Development: Exploring the iOS SDK -->

helped me very much and is currently 30% off ;)