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TopTalkedBooks posted at August 20, 2017

This is expected, exec() returns a single match but provides more info about the match than match(). If you just want all the matches, use match(). From JavaScript: The Definitive Guide:

Recall that match() returns an array of matches when passed a global regular expresion. exec(), by contrast, always returns a single match and provides complete information about that match. When exec() is called on a regular epression that has the g flag, it sets the lastIndex property of the matched substring. When exec() is invoked a second time for the same regular expression, it begins its search at the character position indicated by the lastIndex property.

TopTalkedBooks posted at August 20, 2017

For Javascript:

For PHP:

For OO design & programming, patterns:

For Refactoring:


TopTalkedBooks posted at August 20, 2017

If you're looking for a reference book on the language, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide is the book to get.

Visual Studio is by far the best Javascript debugging environment, but that's not useful to you if you're limited to Linux & Mac. On that platform, I would agree with the suggestions for Firefox with Firebug and Venkman.

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