Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol I

Author: Bungie Inc.
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by Pakirage   2019-01-13

WTF. its $8.50 cheaper on amazon and I won't have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping. i'm going to try and cancel my order with bungie and place it on amazon.

by disco__potato   2019-01-13

by Franconis   2019-01-13

Link to Amazon US . Also, I heard that Myelin Games (Destiny lore YouTuber) helped compile this.

by Mastershroom   2018-11-10

You're in luck!

by SCB360   2018-11-10

yea its on there, I pre-ordered it a coupla weeks ago, no price on it but expecting about £20-25 tbh

Edit: Just checked and they've put a price on it now, £17.99, great!

Amazon Link

by Notyobabydaddy   2018-11-10

They do have a listing for it, it just says Unavailable