Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol I

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by SecretlyReal   2019-11-17

There is one you can pay for from D1, which is exactly what I based this one off :) For USA, Amazon is probably the best place to get it. Note that it is only a very small part of D1's lore, but IMO it contains two of the best parts. The next volume is also coming out closer to the end of the year, I think.

by MercenaryAB   2019-11-17

I mean there's the book. It's only D1 lore, though, I think.

by fancygrandpah   2019-11-17

Are you looking for something fun or like a home gift? There are some really cool space plates and cups on Amazon, I own them and they’re great.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Planet Plates, Planet Plates, One Size

I actually can’t find the cups I have but these are similar and are cool. Nebula Glass Set with Images from NASA's Spitzer and and Hubble Space Telescopes

If he’s into the Destiny lore my husband owns these and thinks they’re pretty cool - maybe get him the set? Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol I

by PetraVenjj   2019-11-17

Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol I

by EaterOfVVorlds   2019-11-17


16$ right now.

by Kinkybobo   2019-07-21

I live in the USA so idk how much this helps you, but here's a link to the one I purchased off Amazon.

It's a direct link from my previous orders "buy it again" option so I can 100% verify it's a solid link, mine was shipped in a timely manner and arrived in perfect condition.

Destiny Grimoire Anthology, Vol I

Again though, idk if you living in Italy will effect its availability, but hey I tried lol

by Chieroscuro   2019-07-21

Except the Ishtar Collective? They publish the damn Grimoire in hardcover books!

I struggle to see how them advertising preorders for Volume 2 equates to them handwaving away old lore.

by GuesswhatSheeple   2019-07-21

Atleast we've gotten the grimoire anthology book. Hopefully they keep making those

Edit: They just announced a second vol and a vol of comics

by disco__potato   2019-01-13

by Franconis   2019-01-13

Link to Amazon US . Also, I heard that Myelin Games (Destiny lore YouTuber) helped compile this.

by Mastershroom   2018-11-10

You're in luck!

by SCB360   2018-11-10

yea its on there, I pre-ordered it a coupla weeks ago, no price on it but expecting about £20-25 tbh

Edit: Just checked and they've put a price on it now, £17.99, great!

Amazon Link

by Notyobabydaddy   2018-11-10

They do have a listing for it, it just says Unavailable