Nuclear War Survival Skills: Lifesaving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions

Category: Military
Author: Cresson H. Kearny
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by JoeIsHereBSU   2019-08-24

Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny has many sections on how to live in a bunker.

by JoeIsHereBSU   2019-08-24

I love Nuclear War Survival Skills. It goes over more than just surviving it as it talks about how to do sanitation in enclosed spaces and similar topic. Most of the decontamination ideas will also work for biological issues including pandemic.


Also some favorites

  • The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill's Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze and Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops, History and ideas on resisting other large groups if need be.
  • Mushrooming without Fear: The Beginner's Guide to Collecting Safe and Delicious Mushrooms
  • Also SAS military manuals. They have everything from self defense down to hunting and basic survival skills.
by JoeIsHereBSU   2019-07-21

Read Nuclear War Survival Skills beforehand. It actually tells you how to survive even if you need to stay in a location where fallout will drop. And it is easier and shorter than people think. If it is just fallout it is 7 to 14 days depending.

by JoeIsHereBSU   2019-07-21

Just went over this with out group.


Nuclear War Survival Skills book. Look up the author. He has seen and done some shit. If I remember he was also there for some testing of nukes. Was working with congress on civil defense before M.A.D. and eventually started petitioning them to start civil defense up again after the US stopped it. This book has a lot of what civilians can do in case of an attack. There are some parts of the book that describe what you can do in 30 minutes (basically what you can do before the fallout starts landing outside blast radius) to survive. Amazing book.

by brobdingnagians   2018-11-09
If you want a good, full book on nuclear survival, it's worth checking out Cresson H Kearny's book on it from research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. I'm not planning on using any of the information, but it's fairly enjoyable to learn about some of the particulars. It's like thinking of how you would survive a zombie apocalypse. It is fairly optimistic about survival if you aren't in the blast radius and is chock full of useful information, including what sort of attacks would be most likely and what to do in each phase. He makes a real point of saying that it wouldn't be the end of the world and is very survivable; people get a much more depressing and fatalistic view sometimes. Cheer up. [ ]