Revolution in The Valley: The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac Was Made

Category: Hardware & DIY
Author: Andy Hertzfeld
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by pjmlp   2019-07-03

- MacOS (pre-OS X)

"Revolution in the Valley"

"Symbian OS Platform Security: Software Development Using the Symbian OS Security Architecture"

"The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook: Design and Evolution of a Mobile Phone OS"

- Mesa and Mesa/Cedar

"Be Advanced Topics"

- Windows

Not everything by a long shot, plenty more to re-discover like VMS,IBM i and Z, Unisys ClearPath, mbed,...

Just keep an open mind and don't idolatrize UNIX, yes it has a couple of good ideas, but they don't make it the be all end all of OS design.

by smussell   2018-11-10
There’s a ton of great suggestions here. Here are a couple I haven’t seen mentioned.


- Silicon Cowboys - It covers the creation of Compaq

- American Experience: Silicon Velley - About how Silicon Valley came to be.

- Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary - Kind of a PR video, but interesting and free. Covers the history of Naughty Dog games.


- Cukoo’s Egg - Has some interesting technical detail, and gives perspective on a very different time on the internet.

- Revolution in the Valley - You can read these stories on, but I enjoyed the collected book. Covers the creation of the Macintosh.