The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

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by ignignokt2D   2021-12-10

Apologies for being vague. It was an interview I heard years ago, and I couldn't recall the details. I managed to find it again. It's The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb.

by scottwmackey   2021-12-10

by The_Fooder   2021-12-10

I'm surprised no on mentioned Jordan Peterson's extensive analysis of Genesis, which may be one of his more useful contributions to the public record, IMO. He views and describes Genesis through the lens of psycho-social development, and makes, what I think is a pretty compelling description of how a person can hear these stories and see themselves within the narrative as protagonists aligned with the ancients seeking a covenant with God (Peterson's definition of God is roughly, that which represents the highest attributes and ideals). If anyone was interested in this reading and this topic, I highly suggest listening to the Peterson lectures; I found them very interesting.

One final thing on this point, Peterson remarks quite frequently about the self-referential nature of the bible, that it has numerous links throughout the text back to other stories and that these should often be taken as updates, revisions and remarks on the original tales. It's one of the things that makes the New Testament so interesting to me because it acts as a commentary on the body of work that had been meticulously edited and passed around for a few thousand years recasting the meaning of the Old Testament as the means to the NT ends, i.e. forgiveness of Sin for our endless bullshit into a new age of grace ennobling us to move forward.

I'd also add that R. Crumb's illustrated Genesis is amazing and really drove home the human element underlining these stories. While his aesthetic is more cartoony than realistic, he's clearly a master of his craft and really drives home the emotion and strife of the various actors and lays out the stories in a fun and thoughtful way.

by the_y_of_the_tiger   2019-11-17

Here is a link to it. It looks good!

by HiImMrMeseeks69   2019-11-17

Robert Crumb made the book of genesis into a graphic novel.

by AldoTheeApache   2019-11-17

Counter culture comic godfather Robert Crumb did a stunningly accurate, word for word art book of Genesis.

It’s great to see it all laid out. It truly shows how bat shit crazy just that book alone is.

by acqq   2019-07-12
Luckily some of the major narration lines, thanks to the modern art forms, are in the very accessible form:

And there are also people who e.g. carefully count the details, so that we don't have to:

But of course always check the references. Use the work of textual critics to establish what is in which version of the original text, and compare.

by stared   2019-07-12
It reminds me of "The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb" (, which I enjoyed.

He, as an atheist, tries to present it in the raw form, without "explaining the hidden message" or any religious interpretation (neither Jewish nor Christian).