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Author: Obie Fernandez
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by WolfOliver   2022-02-09
no, but there is the "rails way" see:
by anonymous   2017-08-20

I would suggest that you visit

The Rails Way is all about teaching "best practices" in Rails application design. It is run by Michael Koziarski, an independent consultant and member of the Rails core team and with extensive experience with both designing and building web applications.

You could also read The Rails Way:

Using detailed code examples, Obie systematically covers Rails’ key capabilities and subsystems. He presents advanced programming techniques, introduces open source libraries that facilitate easy Rails adoption, and offers important insights into testing and production deployment. Dive deep into the Rails codebase together, discovering why Rails behaves as it does– and how to make it behave the way you want it to.

by Luke   2017-08-20

There are a lot of sources for learn Rails,


these are free screencasts and forum, if you want a book I recommend you Rails Way by Obie Fernandez.

by anonymous   2017-08-20

Linux is not really a hard requirement for development on Ruby. I suggest get a good book on Rail and make a demo app. A very simple app which does something. You will everything you should know, from basic commands perspective.

But extra knowledge never kills and if you want some basic know how of linux command, you can use Pocman (a handy commands guide for basic linux commands)

by thedevelopment   2017-08-19
The Rails Way is pretty good.

I've found the peepcode webcasts worth their weight in gold, but that's not a book =)

And I found Design Patterns in Ruby pretty good for Ruby beginners

by sleight42   2017-08-19
He's particularly known for writing The Rails Way published by Addison-Wesley ( which he did just prior to founding Hashrocket.
by inklesspen   2017-08-19
The Rails Way, by Obie Fernandez. Only RoR book you'll ever need.

This book is one of the three in plus's comment; another one his comment mentions is "Ruby for Rails", which will get you up to speed on Ruby as a language. It's a great book; get it too.