Reliable Software Through Composite Design

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by wallstprog   2019-07-25
"Those who do not learn history are condemned to repeat it".

I came up writing code in BAL, COBOL, PL/1 and a bunch of other non-OOP languages, and those who think procedural programming is better have probably never done it. The starting point for OOP, at least for me, was the splendid book "Reliable Software through Composite Design" by Glenford Myers, which was the first to study coupling, cohesion and other techniques that lead directly to OOP. This book still maintains a position of honor on my shelf, and I strongly recommend it for anyone doing software development. (You can get a pdf from

Now, crappy programmers can write crappy code in any language, just as good programmers can write good code in any language -- the prevalance of crappy code speaks more to the numbers of crappy programmers than crappy languages. I would suggest that OOP enables crappy programmers to write code simply because without OOP crappy programmers wouldn't be able to write any code at all.

When functional programming is able to provide performance on a par with non-functional programming, we can talk about it. Until then it is a curiosity, but not ready for prime-time.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill's comments on democracy: "OOP is the worst programming paradigm ever invented -- except for all the other ones".

by wallstprog   2017-08-19
At the risk of being labeled a dinosaur, this is still prob. the best book I ever read on structuring code: