Modeling Software with Finite State Machines: A Practical Approach

Category: Programming
Author: Peter Wolstenholme
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by brbrodude   2019-04-19
Has anyone also read this book: ? I've actually stopped at 56% or so when it starts plugging their proprietary solution as mentioned in one of the reviews, the previous part being the theory of it, I very much enjoyed it though.

I had not learned about automata theory and electric engineering formal methods before, so I'm still trying to piece it together, seeing if I can fit this to my work and such, seemed very promising and kind of a "missing piece" in the puzzle to me. In that it seems to really allow to better model system behavior in a way that potentially could bind it to a spec, give new tools for seeing blindspots, etc, at the same being abstract enough that you could capture much with actions, control values, conditions and states.