Programming Microsoft DirectShow for Digital Video and Television (Developer Reference)

Category: Engineering
Author: Mark Pesce
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by anonymous   2019-07-21

In my previous attempts at this very problem I have always come to the conclusion (from other people's recommendations) that this book is the keystone piece to that problem -

I had read before that it was out of print and only used copies were available at around $150 - but it looks like there are now new prints available which has dropped the price down to around $90 - but you still have to contend with it being a technology that Microsoft has deemed depracated (but they haven't replaced it with anything new yet) and of course if you look at the reviews on the book it certainly doesn't seem worth even $40 which would be my cap on something written almost a decade ago.

That being said - it has been about two years since I was attempting such a project so this information may be as deprecated as directx itself! ;)

by anonymous   2019-07-21

Also, there is a very good book on DirectShow.

by CMPalmer   2019-01-13

If you want a "capture/streamer in a box" component, there are several out there as others have mentioned.

If you want to get down to the low-level control over it all, you'll need to use DirectShow as thealliedhacker points out. The best way to use DirectShow in C# is through the DirectShow.Net library - it wraps all of the DirectShow COM APIs and includes many useful shortcut functions for you.

In addition to capturing and streaming, you can also do recording, audio and video format conversions, audio and video live filters, and a whole lot of stuff.

Microsoft claims DirectShow is going away, but they have yet to release a new library or API that does everything that DirectShow provides. I suspect many of the latest things they have released are still DirectShow under the hood. Because of its status at Microsoft, there aren't a whole lot of books or references on it other than MSDN and what you can find on forums. Last year when we started a project using it, the best book on the subject - Programming Microsoft DirectShow - was out of print and going for around $350 for a used copy!