Everyone Poops (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)

Author: Taro Gomi, Amanda Mayer Stinchecum
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by TimmyFTW   2021-12-10

> I love that being an adult who gives 0 fucks means I can say "I was having a shit" and then they're the embarrassed ones not me

That's pretty much how I got over it. Maybe read him this book?


by ericrs22   2021-12-10

That Book is available right now

by ADumbButCleverName   2021-12-10

That just seems like such a waste of energy to me! Everybody poops!

by ATDoel   2019-08-24


by Troutmaggedon   2019-08-24

Is it really NSFW tho? Everyone poops

by sec713   2019-08-24

LOL I have a book recommendation for you, OP.

by DavidRFZ   2019-07-21

Somebody does not like Nancy Pelosi and has not read this classic book.

by thewholedamnplanet   2019-07-21


by chicken_casey_dilla   2017-08-19

No way. Go for it. everybody poops

by jolanar   2017-08-19

May I recommend the following book:


by ImpenetrableHarmonis   2017-08-19


This will help