RESTful Java Web Services

Author: Jose Sandoval
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by anonymous   2017-08-20

You should remember that:

  1. Only one method is executed for a single request. So it is impossible to execute two methods (or more) in single request;
  2. JAX-RS runtime decides which one method should be executed according to request header values sent to to the server.

JAX-RS runtime tries to match:

  • http method (GET,POST, ...) with proper annotation (@GET, @POST,...);

  • request path ('/api/something') with the proper @Path annotation;

  • http content-type header (link) with proper @Consumes annotation;

  • http accept header with propper @Produces annotation;

So (for example) @Produces annotation does not denote that annotated method produces something. It denotes that method will be executed when matching accept header will be contained in request.

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