Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage

Author: Sherry Sontag, Christopher Drew, Annette Lawrence Drew
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by nix23   2022-02-09
Many politicians WANTED there to be Soviet uboats so they can uphold founding off the army (it's just better when Sweden has the same enemy/fears as the US has).

There i corrected it for you.

>One washed up on some rocks 5 year prior to your quote

Yes that's a fantastic story if you dig a bit deeper:

But sure "that Dude" had no clue ;)


Ahh sorry it's another book..i have to search it, it's a pretty long story and nearly unbelievable but the wikipedia article give a hint about it.

by posnet   2019-05-15
If you found this interesting, I can't recommend Blind Man's Bluff[0] enough.


by simonblack   2018-01-19
You mean like the US nuke subs did 40 years ago?