The Fat Duck Cookbook

Author: Heston Blumenthal
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by fancypopcornshower   2019-08-24

Some cookbooks that I use or are on my wishlist:

  • The Fat Duck

  • The French Laundry

  • Alinea

  • Eleven Madison Park

  • Quay: food inspired by nature

  • Room for Dessert

  • Murgaritz: A Natural Science of Cooking

  • Saison

  • Rasoi: New Indian Kitchen

  • Le Cinq

  • Coi: Stories and Recipes

  • Massimo Bottura: Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef

  • Atelier Crenn: Metamorphosis of Taste

  • El Celler De Can Roca

Great British Chefs also has some recipes from Michelin starred restaurants.

by kennethdc   2019-08-24

Whether it is actually better or not, that's highly debatable and according to taste. But the cuisine in London/ UK is not neglectable and has a very rich background.

One of the most influential chefs in the world such as Heston Blumenthal (which is largely inspired by Harold McGee, an American), Marco Pierre White (he partly wrote modern cuisine, also an awesome person to hear) and Michel Roux (both senior as junior) have worked their careers in the UK. Each of them have defined a part of cooking/ cuisine in their way.

Not to forget the Commonwealth as well indeed, which brought a lot to the UK.

Really been watching too much MasterChef UK/ Australia and to one of my cooking teachers who really loves to read about history/ science of food. Then again, it's awesome to hear and to know as food is a way of sharing love, express your creativity and bonds and is such an important aspect of our lives/ society/ culture.

Some books which are awesome and I also have in my collection are:

  • The Fat Duck Cookbook (don't imagine creating a dish of it, it's more about the insight and the science behind the dishes as they are easily a couple of pages)
  • On food and cooking
  • The Devil in the Kitchen
  • Kitchen Confidential

Honestly, couldn't forget the latter of course.