The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (A Theology of Lordship)

Category: Religious Studies
Author: John M. Frame
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by rsyring   2019-04-03
Having wasted a significant portion of my youth pursuing whatever I wanted only to later realize I was enslaved to the very things I thought I was pursuing freely, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Bible as that which gave me true freedom.

Many of it's teachings are certainly counter-cultural. And it does take time and effort to learn and interpret wisely. But I find much in the Bible that is very applicable to life today and, arguably more important, applicable to the life to come.

As for the imaginary part, there are plenty of rational reasons to consider the claims of the Bible. This isn't a bad start:

by rsyring   2019-01-07
Sorry, the link wasn't that good in hindsight. Was trying to respond between meetings.

Here is a better jumping off point :