The Soul of A New Machine

Category: Engineering
Author: Tracy Kidder
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by coder4life   2022-06-06
I'm going to say Soul of a New Machine made me cry and, especially if you do low level stuff or hardware, is one of the best books which shows overwhelming passion for the art.

by steveklabnik   2017-08-19
I've always really enjoyed "The Soul of a New Machine" Amazon, non-affiliate:

It's the story of a team of engineers building a new minicomputer, back in the late 70s. I couldn't put it down. He manages to make the politics interesting and the technical details simple.

by michaelwww   2017-08-19
The book that got me hooked on computers many years ago: "Soul Of A New Machine"
by smoyer   2017-08-19
It doesn't take place in Silicon Valley but I thought "Soul of a New Machine" [1] was a great read!