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Author: Odile Ayral-Clause
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by SandersAK   2017-10-05
This article, a puff piece about Rodin (which, really, do we need more of that, 100+ years later?) fails to acknowledge that Camille Claudel was intricately part of Rodin's success and artistic breakthroughs. Some argue that she may have made many of the works he was famous for when she was 18. The author never once mentions her, even though any one with a hint of art history interest in this period would know that at minimum she was his "muse."

He literally never mentions her.

But I and others would argue that Rodin stole techniques and inspiration from Camille Claudel. She was never in her lifetime recognized as a great artist (or at the least, Rodin's equal), even though it was clear to him and many others that she as an incredible talent.

French art society routinely rejected her work and refused to give her commissions.

The narrative is that after their 10 year tryst she "went mad" and was committed to an institute where she died, which might sound like a familiar historical narrative to you, especially about talented women during this time period.

Articles like this wash women in history out of the conversation and are gross. They find the bits of history they want to celebrate and ignore the harder truths that led to a fascinating (but tragic) creative process.

Sources for all the "yeah but source" people: