Queen in 3D

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Author: Brian May
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by romwell   2018-03-01
>It's 3D all over again.

As a side note, people tend to dismiss stereoscopic 3D as an example of a recent gimmick - and yet this is the technology that has had its largest peak in the 1800's, and has been consistently gaining grounds and advances since.

It has been coming and going in waves, but it has persisted for over a century, and has never been abandoned by enthusiasts - such as the astrophysicist Brian May (widely known for his other work), who has documented the life of a musical collective he has been a part of in 3D[1], and continues the push for adoption and appreciation of 3D tech[2].

Resilience of 3D at home is something tech like Alexa can only hope for.


[2] http://www.londonstereo.com/