Behold: The Prince of Darkness: A Complete Introduction to Setian Religion

Author: Ryan Scott
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by Three_Scarabs   2019-07-21

My group maintains a decent sized recommendation library here:

Additionally I wrote a book on the topic, which can be found here:

Always happy to answer anything specific :)

by Three_Scarabs   2019-07-21

Would an entire book suffice?

by Three_Scarabs   2019-07-21

You might want to just read a ton of different stuff. Michael Aquino, Don Webb, Asenath Mason, Stephen Flowers, Doane Vera, Michael Kelley, Andrew Chumbley, Michael Ford, Jeremy Crow, Peter Levenda, Kenneth Grant, Daimonosophy, KHPR:voice of Darkness...

If you're looking into Setianism specifically I wrote a book specifically meant to be kind of a hand guide to all the scattered information.

There's also the Order of the Serpent forum which tends be infinitely insightful if a bit slow, and the newsletters.

by Three_Scarabs   2019-07-21

I wrote a book discussing not only the occult aspects of all this but the science and reasoning as well.

by Three_Scarabs   2019-07-21

I'm also happy to answer any questions. I've been a Theistic LHPer got a decade plus and have published a book on the Prince of Darkness. Feel free to skim post history and such.