City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles

Category: Americas
Author: Mike Davis, Robert Morrow


by coldtea   2019-08-11
>I don't quite know where you're getting that. I mean, it's not like the city has enacted some kind of Jim Crow regime.

Such places have done exactly that, in several ways. E.g.:

>Beverly Hills residents were among Barack Obama's most generous donors.

That's not really relevant. They can virtue signal how non-racist they are (as long as it doesn't cost them anything real -- donations help buy favors) and still only live in 99% white areas, with closed gates, and local pops/private police ready to harass black/latino people for your protection.

>You think they would stand for that kind of evil in their own city?


by coldtea   2019-08-11
>What will happen to a society where every single person has their basic needs met by some form of automation, and nobody needs to work?

Those who control the "means of automation" (robot factories, power stations, etc) --let's say 0.01%--, will rule over the rest, in gated communities and closed enclaves.

A small percentage of the population will live alongside them, in B-rated residences, to provide them services that, either still need humans or are better done by humans (e.g. sex), or its considered "classier" to have humans do for you (e.g. cooking). Let's say that's a 10%.

The rest 90% will be left to rot in urban and suburban slums, develop their own black economy, and shot on sight when they dare enter the rich areas.