Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces

Author: Radley Balko
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by rlaabs   2021-05-24
Community based policing, cops on neighborhood patrols, has been on the decline for years.

Police funding is now more often used to to acquire military weapons/hardware.

"Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces" is a highly recommended study of this problem.


by ModusPwnins   2019-08-24

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces by Radley Balko may be interesting reading for you.

by TealSwinglineStapler   2019-08-24

I think that's why the USA is a police state instead of totalitarian utopia in that metaphor.




by joe_the_user   2018-12-27
So the agency stockpiled arms neither for the purposes of fighting crime nor for any drug-dealing or nefarious state-overthrow activity but effectively as a kind of entertainment or a sort of fantasy that they'd be acting like the cops they saw on TV.

And here, it may seem strange but is actually logical that the thinking of real cops who don't shoot it out everyday seems to be driven by the images of TV cops who do.

This book is relevant here.


by theseatoms   2018-10-11
It's true that local police have become much more militarized over the past decade or two. Trickle-down military-industrial complex, so to speak.

Radley Balko is a writer who's covered the issue thoroughly: https://www.amazon.com/Rise-Warrior-Cop-Militarization-Ameri...

I just think it's pretty clear by now that the primary driving factor for police criminality becoming a political issue is that very many members of the socio-economic underclass now have internet-connected video cameras on them at all times.

by ekianjo   2017-12-12
I think the book "the rise of the warrior cop" explains that how the police does their job in the US has changed and why. It gave pretty satisfying answers as to why it's become what it is now.


by wonder_er   2017-08-20
er, they're getting skewered in the media. United is paying the price for their mistake.

If they're regulated, next time they drag someone off a plane, they'll say "We were just following the handbook and were in accordance with federal regulations. Take it up with the FAA"

So no, no need to regulate the industry.

Also, the body you want to regulate them (the government) routinely does much, much worse to people.[0]

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Rise-Warrior-Cop-Militarization-Ameri...

by mxxx   2017-08-20
If you're interested in how this kind of thing happens (and alarmingly how often it happens), this book is an excellent read:


by the_ancient1   2017-08-19

> No cop is going to look at me and go, "What a beautiful woman! Let's give her a pass!"

lol, it is amusing (and telling) that you believe attractiveness is the only the only factor.

>The fact is, most people who have a problem with cops when they are doing their jobs (or just existing) are fucking entitled idiots.

I have a problem with cops because I am ethically opposed to the Use of Violence in the enforcement of 99% of the laws on the books

Things like the War on Drugs where police murder people because they happen to have unapproved plant material in their possession. I am a life long Libertarian, I believe in personal liberty, and the Philosophy of Liberty.

I have followed, researched and studied police abuse and the Militarization of police for nearly 17 years

There is a SYSTEMIC problem in policing, it is not "a few bad apples" it is a SYSTEMIC issue, the comes as a direct result of the War on Drugs, and "Tough on Crime" bullshit coupled with Federal programs that give Law Enforcement tools of war to be used on the Streets on US Cities.

The Modern Police force today is nearly indistinguishable from a Paramilitary Organization.

Good for you that your Damsel in Distress routine has allowed you to get assistance from a Warrior Cop with out being Victimized, Shall I start posting links to all the abuse victims that were not as lucky?

Do you want to talk to the parents of the Infant that had his face blown off by a cop that literally tossed an explosive device in the infants crib? Was that just a "bad apple", the police dept did not think so because he is still on the job with no punishment at all

I am sure that baby was violating some law the warranted that violence to be visited upon him

I invite you to Read

Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces

or visit /r/BadCopNo_Donut

by dansdata   2017-08-19

Radley Balko's book, "Rise of the Warrior Cop ", explains how the USA got to this awful situation, where pseudo-military special police teams are used all the time in situations completely different from those - like armed hostage-takers and body-armoured bank robbers - that were used to justify the creation of SWAT teams.

Indeed, the way to bust a drug dealer is to wait until he goes to the supermarket and clobber him as he gets out of his car, not to barge into his house, where he keeps all his guns, a-shoutin' and a-shootin' and pretending you're soldiers.