Steal This Vote: Dirty Elections and the Rotten History of Democracy in America

Author: Andrew Gumbel
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by specialist   2019-08-24
The state of Georgia was a basket case when I was still active (10 years ago). Per my friends who are still in the fight, it's still a basket case.

As Andrew Gumbel wrote in Steal This Vote [2005], America experiences recurring amnesia.

As a burned out election integrity activist, I've really struggled with the recurring incredulity.

My local newspaper called me a "sweaty paranoid kook", because I dared to explain how our jurisdiction's central count actually worked (per their procedures manual).

And all the risks we identified and tried to mitigate? It all happened. All of it. (Where's my parade?)


Some free, unsolicited, hard earned advice from a recovering activist:

Focus on "errors", instead of "fraud". Just because. The moment there's a hint of partisanship, the conversation is over. And really, at the end of the day, fraud is indistinguishable from errors. So just grit your teeth, for the greater good.

Focus on appropriations, aka follow the money. The very minor victories I've had were argued from a framing of good governance. Transparency, accountability, anti-waste, etc.

by specialist   2019-04-27
Journalist Andrew Gumbel called this "America's recurring amnesia."

Steal This Vote [2005]

As an (burnt out) election integrity activist, I'd say not much has changed.