Essential Robert-Houdin

Author: Robert Houdin

About This Book

All the classic works of the great master of magic, Robert - Houdin, under one cover, lavishly illustrated with hundreds of beautiful prints, engravings, and photos. Robert - Houdin (1805 - 1871) revolutionized the art of magic with his incredible stage mysteries and lifelike automata, and he thankfully left a number of books recording his philosophy and techniques.
In Essential Robert - Houdin, youll find:
The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic:Considered one of the finest magic books ever, featuring coin sleights and effects; card techniques including palming, false shuffles, cuts, and stacked - deck work, with twenty card effects;
Cups and Balls methods and routines; stage effects including the the Linking Rings, and Robert - Houdins performance theories and essays on gimmicks, stagecraft, and psychology.
Card - Sharping Exposed:Robert - Houdins pioneering work on card handling, with dozens of card techniques and routines. The Secrets of Stage Conjuring: A dozen great stage pieces plus the inside techniques of Robert - Houdins theatre and optical theories.
The Memoirs of Robert - Houdin:The most complete version of Robert - Houdins wonderful autobiography ever published, with material previously omitted from earlier editions. You can now enjoy the complete work that Robert - Houdin envisioned.
The Priory:The unbelievable secrets of Robert - Houdins automated house, with remote - control gates and automatic timers. Plus selections from Robert - Houdins never - before - translated scientific writings, a complete bibliography, and full index. Pages 664 - HardboundOver 350 illustrations