League of Legends: Lux

Category: Graphic Novels
Author: Billy Tan
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by RavenHusky   2019-07-21

Amazon also says that the print version of the comic will release on ~~November 19th.~~ November 11th.

Edit: The first issue of the comic will release early to mid May.

by TzarineJador   2019-07-21

Yup! The physical comics come out a few months after the digital versions air. You can find local retailers online or pre-order on Amazon here:


The ashe one comes out in physical version in a few weeks so that's pretty hype!

by Dillman926   2019-07-21

Amazon Link

For anyone that wants to wait for the full release of all volumes, it comes out on November 19th, 2019.

PS, the Ashe one comes out in about 3 weeks from now! Can't wait to finally read some LoL comics :)