Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

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by MsAuroraRose   2019-11-17

Quick recommendations for cookbooks/websites (I'm fully plant-based so these don't include dairy but I still recommend because the recipes are so good):

  • Thug Kitchen(any of the three)
  • Minimalist Baker
  • Happy Cow (if you have to eat out, this website is a lifesaver)


Minimalist Baker is my favorite so far as all of her recipes have been amazing.

by goatsandhoes101115   2019-11-17

Thug kitchen! Easy recipies as well as an enjoyable read

by Seekingzen3   2019-07-21

Those look very good. I highly recommend getting the cookbook Thug Kitchen if you want some really good vegan recipes (and don't already have it). Like the book says, "Eat like you give a f*ck!


Forgot the link:

by rissalynns   2019-07-21

Also I'd recommend the "Eat Like You Give a Fuck" cookbook. It's awesome for beginners on a budget, and it's awesome for inspiration if you want to customize recipes to fit how picky you are .

Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck (Thug Kitchen Cookbooks)

by cobhgirl   2019-07-21

I'd recommend Thug Kitchen. They've a number of books out, personally, I think this one is the best.

It's not Mexican as such, but more what I think might be Californian Tex Mex (if that makes sense), but their recipes are easy, unbelievably tasty, and on top of that hilarious to read.

Although if you're offended by bad language you might want to forget all I said there.

by theguyjb   2017-08-19

This sounds like a recipe from Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a Fuck .

Edit: Actually, it sounds more in line with What the F@# Should I Make for Dinner?: The Answers to Life’s Everyday Question (in 50 F@#ing Recipes) .

by SnipingSoldier   2017-08-19

By the way this is real. I have one.

by edsobo   2017-08-19

First, it's really cool that you're being so supportive!

Second, suggestions!

I saw you mentioned Taco Tuesday in another comment, so I figured I'd throw this in: well drained extra firm tofu, crumbled up, mixed with a generous portion of taco seasoning and cooked with olive oil over a medium heat for about a half hour makes a tasty taco filling. I also add black beans, rice and Daiya shreds to mine.

Good luck!

Edit - Forgot the oil. Derp.