One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book (5 Year Journal, Daily Journal, Yearly Journal, Memory Journal)

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Author: Chronicle Books Staff


by whiskey14   2022-06-12
I do two things to do with journalling.

1. Therapise myself. Going to therapy is expensive, and honestly I think the main benefit is to just talk through thoughts in your head with an interface to the outside world (the therapist). So when I was low on money I thought that journalling could basically provide the same sort of interface between my thoughts and the world. However, writing speed and typing speed are limiting factors. So bumping up my touch typing speed means that now when I sit at my computer to journal, I just blast out whatever is on my mind like a therapy session. It helps. Probably do this once a week, more or less depending on the situation.

2. Quick and easy memory recording through this: My partner bought me one and its really fun and low effort.