The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future

Author: Andrew Yang
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by dr_tr34d   2019-11-17

Good question. Yang addresses this in his book- The War On Normal People.

In brief, the changes brought about by AI and advanced robotics are unprecedented in scope and depth; far more so than the Industrial revolution. These changes cause much more fundamental shifts in both efficiency and labor requirements and are particularly severe for the middle class.

by Mayln   2019-11-17

Why dont you go to Amazon and read what others have to say.

by FleekWeek420   2019-11-17

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say this but Andrew Yang's message clicked with me almost immediately. It's no coincidence when a politician posts 100+ policies and a majority of them matches with your view.

I remember very early on Andrews bid for presidency was front page of /r/futurology. I think it is very important to maintain the effort to be inclusive and convert new voters. But I'm sure there are still a huge number of people that didn't need any convincing but just haven't heard of Andrew's campaign.

One thing that really struck me when hearing Andrew speak on Freakonomics was that this guy actually respects the academia aspect of Economics. Instead of the average politician that panders by regurgitating highschool level macroecon concepts, this guy seemed to actually understand what he's talking about. So I bought his book:

And that was really what put me on 100% for Yang. If you guys haven't read this already, I highly recommend it. If Andrew was writing stuff like this when I was in school, it would've influenced all my research.

The strategy of pushing tiny snippets of Yang to the mainstream like his interviews or listing his top 10 views is great. But Yang is more than that. He has actual substance that most other candidates lack. So for the "research" phase of this post, one of the first steps should be to read this book!

I'm not sure how we can get this book into more hands? Are there political book clubs? Can we get this on more must read lists?

by pushupsam   2019-07-21

> Andrew Yang--who is openly advocating for a saner politics--is getting smeared by hyperbolic, fear mongering, and poorly informed media outlets.

See, I'm not so sure. Yang himself is engaged in hyperbolic fear mongering. No doubt inspired by Trump himself, he's pushing a very extreme agenda of populism and identity politics. That's why Yang writes about "the Great Displacement" and why his book is called The War on Normal People and it is also why Yang's message echoes well with the rants of actual right-wing populists like Tucker Carlson. Let's be frank: these guys are all selling the same poison. At best Yang is interested in expanding the consumer market.

So, quelle surprise, Yang's extremist populism is going to be called out for being... extreme populism. And while Yang may take calculated risks to appeal to those groups who like extreme populism, the down-side is that people are going to accuse him of... appealing to extreme populists. None of this is particularly disturbing.

Anyways it will be interesting to see if Americans will ever find the language to unite and overthrow their capitalist overlords. I very much doubt it but it's interesting to watch figures like Yang and Sanders test out words and phrases.

by Photik   2019-07-21

Audiobook Link:

Amazon Link (non-affiliate):

by halareous   2019-07-21

I believe OP is talking about Rutger Bregman and his book Utopia For Realists

Also worth checking out Andrew Yang's The War on Normal People

by not-so-useful-idiot   2019-07-21

>My sources especially the wage increase of all workers are by the department of labor and federal reserve bank.

Oh, really? You mean your source from CBS that doesn't show that recent real wage growth is trash, as it does from the bureau of labor statistics?

And your point on automation: you clearly have no idea how labor-displacing it will be. See some David Autor from MIT. Maybe read Andrew Yang's book. Don't preach about good faith arguments if you only have outdated 20th century economics.

by winter-wolf   2019-07-21


by BritainRitten   2019-07-21

He is not a programmer and only briefly worked in Silicon Valley.

He has not spent "five minutes" on the topic he's campaigning on. He has written a well-researched book on the topic, The War On Normal People

by juvoni   2019-03-31
Well he did publish a book: The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future