Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century

Category: Economics
Author: Jessica Bruder
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by Balgair   2019-04-26
Jessica Bruder's Nomadland: Surviving America In The Twenty-First Century is a very good look into the RV'ers and their lives[0, 1]. Though at first, many people profess to love the freedom of the RV life, upon further inspection, most are very unhappy with it. Financial crises typically nucleate the move into the RV and that lifestyle. Per a recent NPR interview:

"And then maybe four days later, a week later, if I'm still hanging around as a reporter, that's when I hear about the foreclosure or the 401(k) that got wiped out, those other details. So people are eager to tell you that they chose this, but their options have narrowed quite a bit in recent years. So, you know, on the one hand, there is the I'm out there and I'm having an adventure. And on the other hand, this is sometimes the result of few options."

In the end, people are involved in complicated choices in their complicated lives. Still, it seems that most people would rather not be RV-ing their way through life, but make the best of it and put on a smile despite their situations.

A similar effect may be occurring with the OP.