The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

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Author: Ilan Pappe
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by Lemonbouy   2019-07-21

Where is the logic?

Q. Why are they attacking you? A. Because we killed a lot of them and stole their land. Q. So, why do you not give them their land back and instead taking a lot more of it? A. Because we need safe borders.

Eh ... ?

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (written by an Israeli Jewish Historian):

The map of the progressive Zionist violent takeover of Palestine:

The UN partition plan of Palestine (1947):

The Yinon Plan:

A Clean Break:

Who’s the real aggressor, you say?

by Lemonbouy   2019-07-21

I see that this thread is frequented by a pro-Zionist majority. Fine.

The reason for the conflict is really simple. The Zionsts stole the Palestinians country, land, towns, farms, houses and are still doing it, against UN proclamations and international law.

Here is a progressive map:

Here is a book (written by an Israeli Jewish Historian):

The only country in the world where this is not well known and understood is the dumbed down USA.

A return to the UN sanctioned borders of 1947 is the only ethically, morally and judicial possible way forward. Until then, the conflict will continue and slowly escalate. This will not happen until the majority of the US population get rid of the Israel lobby in the Congress and demands that Israel start abiding to international law.

Now, let’s see how many downvotes this post will get from the enlightened intelligentia populating this thread.

Shoot ��

by Lemonbouy   2019-07-21

The Palestinians had nothing to do with Holocaust, stupid.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (written by an Israeli Jewish Historian):

But I guess Professor Ilan Pappe also is a Nazi according to you?

by aptidude187   2019-05-10
"this is such a long and convoluted conflict" - Not really, this is just a simple case of settler colonialism, anyone who claims that this is a "complex" conflict is either ignorant or deliberately trying to confuse people.

Recommended reading from Theodor Herzl (founding father of zionism) to Noam Chomsky (secular jewish intellectual) for those who are truly interested in the facts:

The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat), (1896) []

On Palestine - Noam Chomsky []

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe (jewish historian) []

by sexymanish   2019-01-13

Sorry You have a false idea of Sovereignty. The very idea of Sovereignty itself, is a concept of international law. no nation gets to pick and chose what laws it is subject to. We have hanged people who thought they could ethnically-cleanse people.

And no, buying a piece of land today is not the same thing as buying feudal land. and like I said it is an irrelevant point because of the tiny tiny portion of land involved.

What really went on,

by fdeckert   2019-01-13

Iran's democracy was formed in 1906 in a popular pro-West Constitutional Revolution led by actual freedom fighters againt colonialists; Israel was officially "created" by the colonialists in 1948 on the smoldering heap of Palestinians dead bodies

Israel is a "Democracy" that has racially segregated schools and laws that prohibit intermarriage, among other things that would not be tolerated in any actual democracy

And government officials who shout about the Superior Jewish Race - literally

That's why the Gaza Strip today has a population of 1.8 million people, about as high a population density as Hong Kong, out of which 1.6 million are refugees who were forced there after Israel took their lands

by Sonny_Crockett123   2019-01-13

Read The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine and The Idea of Israel both by Jewish Israeli historian Ilan Pappe. Essentially none of that is true. Long story short, Israel needs to be viewed through the lense of a decades long colonial project began in 1880s to take as much land as possible from Palestinians and push them off of the land, leaving more (eventually all of it) for Zionist Jews.

>whats a good primer for debunking common pro israeli talking points that all Palestinian need to be kept in apartheid because they are too dangerous to live with/reason/negotiate land treaties with?

I mean, do you need a primer to debunk blatant racism? It's like asking for a way to debunk the propaganda of slave masters.

by rl522002   2018-12-03
What you fail to note is that Palestinians use this term in the context of demolishing Israeli apartheid policies and aggression towards the Palestinians for the past 70 years. It is Israel who uprooted them from their homes, it is Israel who occupied the WB and Gaza and it continues to be the aggressor. Even after multiple UN resolutions that call for the right of return for all Palestinians who were uprooted from their homeland in 1948, Israel turns a blind eye. Maybe because they feel they can get away with it and cry anti-semitism anytime someone criticizes Israeli policies. That's exactly what you're doing here, you are trying to steer the conversation away from the reality on the ground. The reality is that Gaza is an open-air prison, Israeli forces continue to shoot UNARMED civilians at the fence while they are protesting their UN right to return to their homeland. And instead of engaging in a discussion where we can lay out the facts, you cry anti-semitism because its the easy way out hoping the world will turn away. Just to note something there, there are many many Jews who criticize Israel and they stand up for the basic right of the Palestinian people. I would suggest taking a look at JVP, If Not Now and look at the works of Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pape. I highly suggest that if anyone is interested in this topic to visit the West Bank and see for yourself the brutality and occupation the Palestinians face on a daily basis. Don't fall for what the American media will feed you, you must see it for yourself as I have in the past summer. Its also important to note that Shaun King, BLM, and multiple Black activists/movements support the Palestinian movement towards their liberation. It's also important to note that recently Israel passed a law stating the even Palestinians who carry Israeli citizenship (which make up 20% of their population) are deemed as second class citizens.

Here are some links:

Ilan's Pape book:


If Not Now: