The Practice of System and Network Administration, Second Edition

Author: Tom Limoncelli, Christina J. Hogan, Strata R. Chalup
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by ITLady   2019-07-21

Should have been embedded in my text but if I failed at mobile this is the generation I had. It looks like there's a newer one as well.

by IGaveHerThe   2019-07-21

I liked the Practice of System and Network Administration by Tom Limoncelli et al. when I was starting out. Some of the specifics may be dated but the concepts are good.

Edit: there's apparently a 3rd edition here

by ITLady   2019-07-21

If you want to beef up your infrastructure knowledge specifically around maintaining servers, this is the book my systems administration class used in college. Check to make sure it's been updated to cover infrastructure as a service if you feel inclined, but it has really good coverage on what RAID is, how and when to do backups, etc. It also provides suggestions on general IT infrastructure stuff you might not be aware of.

by schof   2017-08-19
I'm amazed nobody has mentioned the "Practice of System and Network Administration" book by Limoncelli and Hogan.

Highly recommended.

by vdm   2017-08-19
Because Google isn't links:

by WestCoastJustin   2017-08-19
I think Stack Exchange has a secret weapon which will likely greatly improve their backend systems. Tom Limoncelli, who used to work at Google as a Site reliability engineer (SRE), now works at Stack Exchange [1]. He pretty much wrote the bible for sysadmins entitle "The Practice of System and Network Administration" [2]. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing more posts like this!


by motodoto   2017-08-19

Well I'll be the first one to give you generic information that you could have found with the search function.

You just do the needful.

Good screwdriver set.

A network tone tester in case you need to map out your network and document everything. Also functions as a basic cable tester.

A punch down tool.

An ethernet crimper.

A quick cable stripper.

A usb hard drive dock.

A notebook.

Your necessities may vary, this applies to more of a one-man shop, and there's plenty of other things you'll want to get that I don't have listed here depending on your job.

I dunno how much you should get paid.

by crankysysadmin   2017-08-19

There's no such thing as an "ESXi book" any more than there is a book about the windows calculator. It's a fairly small part of the vmware vsphere environment.

You can start with this platform independent book:

by jmnugent   2017-08-19

Thomas Limoncelli's book is pretty highly regarded:

I personally created this Poster a while back... feel free to use it: