Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C (2nd Edition)

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Author: James D. Foley
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by anonymous   2019-07-21

You need to generate a ray (line) passing through the mouse location perpendicular to the screen.

I would recommend getting some basic information on 3d geometry and 2d projections before you go much further.

Check out Wikipedia

A book search on Google has come up with quite a few titles.

Foley & Van Dam though is the definitive book - here on or here on

by anonymous   2019-07-21

Q: Are there properties of digital images ... that remain constant ...

A: Sure: height and width ;-)

Q: ...or tilting the image by a certain degree...

A: Whoops - maybe not even height and width ;)


Your question is far, far too broad.

SUGGESTION: Get a copy of Foley/van Damm:

by anonymous   2019-07-21
  1. center the object (remember the translation)
  2. perform the flipping by scaling to -1 with respect to the desired axis.
  3. then "reverse translate" the object.

For more information, please grab yourself a copy of Computer Graphics by James D. Foley.

by anonymous   2019-07-21

One book I'd definitely recommend is Computer Graphics by Foley and Van Dam.

by deepaksurti   2018-10-04
Computer Graphics:

[1a, 1b, 1c] Computer Graphics, Principles and Practice Series [2] Physically Based Rendering [3] Real Time Rendering


[1a] [1b] [1c] [2] [3]

by anonymous   2017-10-08
The classic textbook here is [Foley and vam Dam]( [Hearn and Baker]( is quite good, as is the [Watt]( book.
by anonymous   2017-08-20

The scope of this is way too large to get a good answer here: I'd recommend reading a good reference on the topic. I've always liked the Foley and VanDam...

by anonymous   2017-08-20

The most effective way to scale, rotate, shear and reflect is to use the power of your graphics card - for example through OpenGL.

If you still want to do bitmap pixel operations yourself, typically you do this using linear algebra. This is not super easy to figure out, so I recommend finding some good study material, for example this book.