How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time

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Author: John J. Palmer
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by Evilsmurfkiller   2019-11-17

Had to do your own math. How to Brew by John Palmer is a good place to start.

by Oh-fiddlesticks   2019-11-17

No problem. I'm relatively new to brewing myself, the kit gave a beer which is decent enough, the last kit I brewed was a single hop IPA with a Mangrove Jack's brew kit. I've bought worse beers in a pub so I was pretty happy with the result. I've now moved onto extract brewing which is basically a kit but with more DIY. Next step is all grain brew.

If it's the theory and the process you want to learn there is no better starting place than "How to Brew" by John Palmer. Here's a wee link - or there is a website with the whole book on there -

Everything you need to know is in that book from sterilisation (the most important part) right through to your first full grain brew

Hope this helps

by narnwork   2019-07-21

FYI that link is an older version there's a newer updated one out now:

by dingledorfer2   2019-07-21

Go to and read How to Brew by John Palmer. It's free and will answer all of your questions. Great guide for beginners. For more advanced brewers I recommend the latest addition.

Every chapter has been rewritten to contain the latest information. It also has several new chapters.

by skeletonmage   2019-07-21

Welcome! Northern Brewer and the like sell some decent $100-$150 starter kits. They'll get you into the process with extract pretty quickly to see if it's right for you. Please check out the FAQ and Wiki for a lot of information....or just use the search bar. You'll want to learn about yeast health, fermentation temperature control, and bottle conditioning for your first brew.

As for the types of beers you like: If you have 0 experience, you won't try to make a sour for awhile. They're a bit more involved and require knowledge and some extra equipment. I can't say I know what a "polish beer" is but a Belgian style shouldn't be too hard for your first couple of brews.

Either way, give NB or More Beer or someone a look at check out their starter extract packages. You need a 5-7 gallon pot and a place to crank up the heat. Just don't make the same mistake I did and think that you could get a full 5 gallons up to a boil on a gas stove. I was better off trying for 2-3 gallons and topping off with water :).


Almost forgot about How To Brew.....

by rufius   2018-08-01
I learned to brew many years ago and have always liked this book:

How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time

This book is pretty commonly sold with starter kits too.