Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

Author: Bryan Peterson
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by tokyohoon   2018-03-19

There's an excellent book called ~~Understanding Aperture~~ Understanding Exposure that's pretty much an essential read. Highly recommended.

Edit: Corrected title

by youngguap   2017-08-19

As for settings, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ1-lTg6AoQ

For shooting action shots (like a sporting event), you'll want 1) Focus area: wide 2) Drive mode: continuous shooting fast 3) Focus mode: Continuous AF 4) Lock-on AF: On (that setting is in the menu under the camera icon in section 5

For general photography, it's extremely useful to have the a6000 set up to do back-button focus. To set that up set 1) Pre-AF: Off 2) AF w/ shutter: Off 3) Under custom key settings set the AEL Button to: AF on 4) Focus mode: AF-C, I also like to 5) make the focus area: Center -- this allows you to use the focus and recompose method of taking photos

With back button focus set up, you hold down the AEL button when you want to focus (perhaps using the focus and recompose method to focus), release the AEL button once you've set up your focusing, compose your shot, and you can then take as many photos as you want without your focus changing. THEN, if something starts moving, hold down the AEL button again and keep taking continuous photos and track the subject in the center of your camera (or use Lock-On AF to keep track of the moving subject) -- it'll make more sense once you start taking photos, but back button focus allows you to essentially use AF-S and AF-C at the same time and it saves you valuable time when taking photos

Intelligent auto (the green icon) is a good setting if you're just starting out and need to shoot an event but don't know what you're doing. It chooses everything for you and can get some good shots. But it limits your creative control and the camera's choices aren't always the best choices. I use aperture priority most often, it's a good way to start learning about exposure -- I recommend this book if you're a beginner and don't yet understand the interaction between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed: https://toptalkedbooks.com/amzn/1607748509

by Mark_at_work   2017-08-19

You can do a lot with the kit lens. I recommend you hold off on investing more money in lenses until you've reached the limits of what the kit lens can do. Then you'll have a better idea of what you want when you go shopping for the next one.

Also, pick up a copy of Understanding Exposure to learn how to use your camera.