Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology

Category: Religious Studies
Author: Michael Rea
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by HappyAnti   2018-11-10

Suggestions for beginning are:

Reasonable Faith and On Guard will really begin to ground you in the issues. If you have any further questions just let me know. I'm happy to help.

by HappyAnti   2018-11-10

Below are some good sources for beginning. Reasonable Faith is a great website with lots of information, I would take some time looking through it. It also has a podcast titled "Defenders" under "Media" that will really begin to ground you in a mature understanding of the topic. "On Guard" is an excellent book to get you started as well.Try not to get caught up in the cynicism that plagues so many of us who have left the TSCC. Healthy skepticism is ok. It merely says that you want sufficient reason to believe something is true or more plausible than not. Cynicism on the other hand is a bitter and unhealthy hyper-skepticism shut off to further examination.

If these sources are too intermediate just let me know and I can give you others. If there is anything further I can do, don't hesitate to ask.

Al my best,

by HappyAnti   2018-11-10

It sounds like your interested in taking a similar path that I chose. Philosophy of religion and philosophical theology are two academic disciplines that utilize the philosophical method for examining the evidence for God and examining the truth chains of religion. Top universities throughout the world have departments that specialize in it. After years of study I have come down on the side for the existence of God and chasing after a PhD in philosophy of religion.

Here are some good sources for someone who is just beginning:

Reasonable Faith is a great website with lots of information that will ground you in the issues for and against. "On Guard" is written by the same person who runs the Reasonable Faith website. He holds two PhD's. The "jargon free" books will introduce you to philosophy in general and are meant for beginners. "Mere Christianity" is a classic that everyone should read who is traveling down this road.