Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook

Author: Mark Bray
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by [deleted]   2021-12-10

Is that why this book exists and I've heard multiple socialists and communists reference it? Is that why difference cells exist with branded merch and social media pages?

by CaesarVariable   2021-12-10

The thing I can't get over is the fact that there is an actual Antifa Handbook out there which actually details the ideology of prominent antifa groups as well as their histories and how they operate. But if the guy who made this actually read this book his head might explode once he realizes how reasonable it is

by 12candycanes   2021-12-10

Before this thread is locked, last time the topic came up someone asked if there’s an Antifa manifesto or anything. I recommend this book:

Ignore the title, it isn’t a “handbook” to being Antifa. It’s a history of anti fascism and the reasoning behind the movement. It’s by an academic so it isn’t the best written thing in the world but is still interesting regardless of what you may think of Antifa.

by lyra833   2019-11-17

They publish a handbook for new hires. Amazon is one of their premier sponsors, so you can get it for free by signing up for Audible. You can skim the "Our History" section; it's the usual corporate stuff.

Lots of rules about how gunning for higher positions isn't just culturally discouraged, but actually grounds for termination without severance pay and subsequent violent action. I can't see it as a long-term career.

by clawedjird   2019-11-17

> White supremacist James Carver

I agree with you on that specific example (and several others from that source, although I'm not sure that embracing a hateful ideology doesn't correlate with even non-ideological violence), however that doesn't challenge the basic premise of my statement. I could cite another article, but the point really isn't controversial. 21st-century right-wing terrorism is a real, increasing concern without an analogous left-wing counterpart.

Antifa has never killed anyone and here we are debating whether the right-wing extremists they're compared to killed 30, 40, or 50 people last year. If antifa had killed 3, 4, or 5 people last year, that would still be only a tenth of that of those they oppose. We can only imagine how intense the backlash would be, were that the case, given the intensity of the backlash against them roughing up one alt-right blogger (while never having killed anyone). The fact that this comment section is filled with blanket-condemnations of largely uninformed conceptions of "antifa," while proto-fascists seemingly receive relatively nuanced, even sympathetic treatment belies the skewed ideological parameters of our national discourse. Instead of passing judgment on those who are willing to invest their own time and effort in fighting against fascism, we should be asking ourselves how we can fight hate.

It seems to me that most people yelling out "both sides" from the sidelines haven't spent much time actually trying to accomplish anything along these lines. Maybe I'm wrong, and what I perceive as "knee-jerk" opposition to antifa actually isn't based on ignorance, bigotry, or anything negative at all. Maybe antifa's critics here are actually operating in complete good faith as experienced, well-informed, effective anti-fascism activists. I hope that's the case, but I doubt it. Instead, my own lazy assumption is that many Americans actually think standing up to neo-Nazis is just as bad as being a neo-nazi.

For a more informed take on antifa than you'll likely find here, if you're interested, check out historian Mark Bray's book on the topic (Book review here).

by mnemosyne-0002   2019-11-17

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by lyra833   2019-11-17

> the very nature of addressing the privileged upper class is addressing the power and privilege that their money and status grants them. It's inherently critical of neoliberal capitalism because of this.

Bullshit; money and power never enter into any approved privilege dynamic. If the did, Warren wouldn’t constantly be on the defensive from neolibs like Harris accusing her of pandering to racism by not mentioning race enough.

> You specifically left out the "class war" shit that gets the right so assblasted.

If you’re talking about conservatives, they’re the other side of the neolib coin. And again, neoliberalism loves to get proles fighting and then have the left hail it as the coming of the class war, this is what happens all the time, and it’s why Antifa believes they’re fighting the power by breaking a Starbucks window.

> another leftist movement in America sabotaged. Better uncritically blame people being mean

Yeah, the people being mean were the neolibs. They destroyed it with woke social progressivism. You subscribe to a morality that was invented to undermine genuine anger at elites and turn it into a squabble over race. That’s your side that did that.

> Trump voters are older fat fucks who make money as landlords or pool cleaning businesses.

Absolute bullshit; he won on the backs of angry disenfranchised laborers who were being displaced by literal slave labor from the south. The fat fucks vote GOP no matter what, not the people who came out to vote for him in ‘16.

> The real hard workers? The ones who know that shit is stupid and just want what's best for their family? We can work with that.

“We can work with the proles as long as they just shut up and admit that we’re morally better than them because we went to college and learned how privilege actually works, the dumb fucks.”

> how people being mean made everyone a Nazi

“Less and less attention was paid to defending the real needs of the working class, and finally political expediency made it seem undesirable to relieve the social or cultural miseries of the broad masses at all, for otherwise there was a risk that these masses, satisfied in their desires could no longer be used forever as docile shock troops.” -Hitler on nominally pro-labor progressives

He says, multiple times, in his book, that he would not have been able to get people to vote for him if the socdems hadn’t embraced this sort of unhelpful proletarian infighting. He literally brags about how lefty parties scorning the working class left a giant door for him to walk through. He says that if the bourgeoise wanted to defang the socdems, they’d treat the workers better, and laughs at them for being unable to realize that.

> Why weren't the small government conservatives put into camps?

They were. The Center party, a spineless nominally center-right party, was outlawed and its members forced to join the NSDAP on pain of prison, just like the socialists who were told it was the SA or jail.

Oh, and attempting to co-opt actual pro-worker movements as “SJW’s”, who are authoritarian neolibs, is sickening.

> a failure of the left is not justification to become a Nazi

I didn’t say it justified anything, I said it was a cause. No, it isn’t justified, but when people are treated badly, they lash out and run to the other end of the spectrum. This is just human nature; you have to deal with it.

> what the fuck is up with you guys acting like antifa is an organization or something?

Their official, designated handbook is literally given away by Amazon, they have cell leaders like Felarca, they have fucking sponsors. Just because a group is organized by cells to be harder to track doesn’t mean it isn’t unified or doesn’t follow an organizational philosophy.

> Where is their mission statement? How do they coordinate?

Read their book for details. I found it very interesting.

> Who is the Al-Baghdadi of antifa?

Movements don’t need singular leaders. Baghdadi dies tomorrow, ISIS will still exist. Their aims are set by the people who pay them, so that’s NGO’s, universities, other lefty groups, corporate sponsors like BK, etc.

> who's side were the "Jews will not replace us!" protesters on?

The Nazi side, I’d guess.

> 'm becoming a little concerned with the fact that you guys seem to think that white people like me becoming Nazi's is a natural reaction to anti-racism and progressive politics?

When people are treated badly, they respond by lashing out. Neoliberalism has fucked them. The left has hung them out to dry. They’re naturally gonna embrace nasty shit on the other side of the spectrum; I’m not saying this is good, but I’m saying it is happening.

by Kamuiberen   2019-11-17

Are you seriously using a dictionary to define "uniform"? You are aware that your definition is the adjective form of Uniform and not the Noun, right? Here, let me help you

> dress of a distinctive design or fashion worn by members of a particular group and serving as a means of identification

That's the one. But as it's been said over and over, this is not a uniform to identify themselves, it's a tactic to avoid identification. For more information on similar tactics, see Black Bloc.

As for a literal history book (have you read your article?), that's not an official handbook or anything like that. Here's the Amazon link to the book, because aparently, an anarchist "terrorist group" sells their super-secret books on fucking Amazon.

Maybe because it was written by a historian that's sympathetic with the movement, and that's it. As you may or may not have read on your own article, that book is from 2017, and the Antifascist movement exists since 1920.

But i find it interesting that you feel that Fascists "should not be poked", and that you are happy to outarm and outnumber others to defend them.

by EssArrBee   2019-11-17

ThE AnTI-fASciTs ArE tHe ReAl FasCiStS!

Your comment is the height of ignorance. Honestly, I'm not even sure how someone on this sub could hold that opinion unless you stumbled upon it by mistake. Antifa groups do not target anyone except fascists. When fascist activity dies down, the anti fascist activity dies down with it. They don't turn on the next group of people as fascists would. There is no ANTIFA group. There are antifa groups like the Rose City Antifa, Anti-Racist Action, Redneck Revolt... and many, many others, but ANTIFA is a just shorthand for anti-fascism.

"The queer quest is to survive, the fascist quest is to be the only survivor." - Natalie herself said that. Replace queer with any oppressed group and the fascists are coming for them. And when the fascists do come you can't change who you are. You're fucked. You can't stop being a Jew or black or etc... but, if you are fascist and the anti-fascists come for you, then you can just say you're going to change and they will let you change. A large amount of anti-fascists are converted fascists. That makes antifa groups very not fascist. Trying to draw an equivalence is either buying into right wing propaganda or just plain dumb.

Olly really goes in depth about this and Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook lays out a pretty good picture of what antifa is and what antifa groups do. I suggest you educate yourself about the people who are sacrificing so much to fight real fascism.

by [deleted]   2019-07-21

You’ve got a lot of reading and research to do comrade! �� I mean that in a positive sense and envy you, to be honest, as learning is a thrilling, stimulating thing.

Re Stalin, Mao and other “dictators” - always take into consideration historical context. Learn about what the counties were like before hand. I’d agree with most that Stalin was mostly bad, but he could only work with what he had. And the Tsars before him were arguably just as awful.

Mao is more of a mixed bag (I realise you didn’t ask specifically about him but just to emphasise my point) - before he came to power, women were objects, property to be owned and foot-binding was common practise. Mao abolished both things.

If you want to see “success” (again, you must take into account context, historical and otherwise) in terms of socialism or heavily left leaning countries you could look to Sankara & Burkina Faso.

Sure m, when you think of Cuba you think of a now undeveloped country living in the past. But it did more than survive FOR YEARS in the face of huge economic sanctions and embargo by the most powerful nation on earth. Also before Che & Castro it was quite literally run by the Mafia.

Also Cuba has and still does commit to delivering international aid & intervention.

Think also of Chavez’ achievements in Venezuela before his death. Chavez survived a US backed coup also. What you see today is not the result of “socialism” but rather what became poorly organised state guided welfare capitalism.

Anyway, good luck researching. There’s always more to learn.

Re: Antifa. Read this: Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook it’s a start

by [deleted]   2019-07-21

Ye, I just heard it.

Worth noting: he says this as a way of describing how Antifa (and other anti-fascists) possibly think about tackling fascism in all its guises. It’s an observation more than anything.

“Nipping in the bud” doesn’t have to entail violence; offensive or otherwise. There are clearly anti-fascist activists who disagree with this but there are many who don’t. We’re obviously talking bad actors now.

I’m anti-fascist but I am not a member of what had come to be perceived as Antifa. I’m also ex-Army so was once but a microscopic cog in the imperial war machine, since you bring up the American war of independence.

These are worth a read whether you agree with their sentiment or not.

Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook

Fascism: What it is and How to Fight it

How Fascism Works

They all differ on certain issues.

Peace, have a good weekend!

by Why_U_Haff_To_Be_Mad   2019-07-21

Not that you're asking the question in good faith, but the answer depends on who you ask.

The problem is that people's beliefs aren't interested in facts. For example, I can show you research that shows that there are around 11 million white nationalists in the US, and you won't be able to find any reputable research that disagrees or challenges thst estimate, but you won't actually believe it because you have FEELINGS.

by yourdadsotherkid   2017-12-06

This is a good book. A lot of people, left and right, talk about antifa without actually understanding the context and politics that movement originates in.

The author basically interviewed a bunch of antifa people in the US and Europe for it. One point that comes up about the rise of modern racist political parties like Golden Dawn is that antifa tactics were developed over decades of conflict with what were essentially militant skinheads and neo-nazis. They were more of a fringe and they had no real public presense. Antifa's disruption and constant hounding of these organizations was meant to stop them from developing any sort of large presence on a street level. Now they're dealing with political movements that have largely sanitized their public image of explicit fascist links, often engage in behind the scenes political maneuvering and media manipulation rather than street activism, and are feeding off of resentment and nationalist sentiment as a result of the financial collapse in 2008 and the subsequent refugee crisis.

They admit that it is far harder to combat a cultural trend then it is small groups of militant boneheads.

The anti-fascist movement is in general I feel trying to come to terms with what is essentially now an institutional threat rather than a physical one.

by mnemosyne-0002   2017-12-06

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